Funky Ouma

Natural, preservatives-free, salt, spices, olive oil and related goods

About Funky Ouma

The brand

Locally produced, Funky Ouma is a brand of preservative-free, hand-made salts
that has added a new collection of braai salts and sauce to their ever growing range of natural products. 

The founders

Funky Ouma was started by a mom and daughter duo, Anneke van Rooyen and Johannita Eksteen, on their farm outside Paarl.

The founders played around with salt and natural flavours and saw a gap in the market for healthy cooking and braai-salt mixtures. 

The range

Salt, spices, olive oil, to name a few.

What’s new

The Braai Sauce (a first of its kind in South Africa) and Braai Salt are
presented in unique styled tins, whilst the  Black Garlic Salt are
served in conventional grinders.


Braai Salt

The Braai Salt combines
fresh coriander, red and green peppers cumin, garlic, onion, chilli, and
paprika, with black pepper, sea salt and Himalayan salt.  

Himalayan Range

The salt for this range is harvested in a sustainable manner from
the Himalayas and infused with herbs harvested from the founders’ farm. 

Braai Sauce

The Braai Sauce is a unique combination of fig pulp, balsamic vinegar,
tomato puree, lemon, garlic and Himalayan salt.  

"Their motivation behind the salts is to offer nutritional spices packed with essential minerals with not a trace of MSG, preservatives or colourants. "

"Their aim is to encourage a healthier lifestyle."

Quick video about the Brand

Funky Ouma salts, spices, oils and other natural goods are available nation-wide from a variety of markets,
specialty food shops and online from

The Braai Salt, Braai Sauce  retails for R80. 

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With a variety of natural, preservatives-free salt, spices, olive oil and related goods, if you are a health conscious foodie, the Funky Ouma brand is certainly for you!

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