Heart Music Festival '19

Annual Music Event 

The 2nd Heart Music Festival took place at Newlands PPC in Cape Town on Saturday,   9 February 2019.

1. Music Festival for All

The events aims to support local artists by showcasing their most popular music to an inclusive family-oriented audience. 

Tickets were modestly priced this year at R150 per adult and R70 per child under the age of 12. 

2. Top Music Artists  


Live performances throughout the day by leading South African music artists included Youngsta Cpt, GoodLuck, Micasa, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Early B, Mango Groove, Jimmy Nevis, Shekhinah, TopDog SA, Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels, to name a few. 


Jimmy Nevis 

3. Family Day Out    


A must-attend event if you are an avid music supporter. Overall, you can look forward to a laid-back atmosphere with leading talent on stage and large family-oriented crowds. It is not uncommon to find picnic set ups and parents encouraging their kids to enjoy the day together with the Heart team. 


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