“Fashion is an expression, expressing what you love and what you are passionate about. Fashion goes along with art and has no expiry date.”

01. Woman Crush Wednesday

Liezel Cloete, a 25-year-old graduate in Fashion Design at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design, had the above to say when we asked her what fashion meant to her. Liezel is a passionate person who enjoys being outdoors and has an exceptional love for nature. She is also an adventurous person who has a love for art, music and ancient history – as is evident from her creative designs.

Image credit: Liezel Cloete
Image credit: Liezel Cloete

02. Her Shine Moment

Her personal design style is focused on fabrication and natural fibers, making use of earthy colours with texture and detail. She gets her inspiration from nature/earth and a combination of old British country and rugged menswear, as illustrated in her recent collection, Petrichor: The smell of earth after rain.   

Image Credit: Liezzel Cloete

03. Her Thing 

Fashion and design to Liezel is not one of those ‘out of the blue’ moments that strike at least a few of us once in a while, hehe. She has always been connected to fashion, art and creativity since childhood. It was what she felt most comfortable with and it is something that she has always been connected to and enjoyed.

Liezel would not say that she has a particular style, as she does not wish to be labelled according to what she dresses. Even though this is so, her wardrobe is a mixture of African, 90’s Rugged/Grunge, Bohemian-Hipster, Safari and Sporty. Hence, it is basically a bit of everything.

Bohemian / Hipster Look - Image Credit: Liezel Cloete
Safari / African Look - Image Credit: Liezel Cloete

04. Model her Way

Working in an industry as complex and competitive as fashion, designers are required to up their game and have a distinctive taste and style that makes them stand out from other designers in their market. Consumers subconsciously ask themselves at every point of the buyer;s chain: “what is special about this brand?”, and “why should I buy this and not that?”. In setting your brand apart then,  it is crucial that one’s designs answer these questions with mere reference to the garments itself.

Liezel gets this right by keeping her designs different and unique, though simple with a hint of detail.  She loves to play around with different sorts of fabric, contrasting texture while remaining environmentally conscious by using recycled garments and natural fibres.

Image Credit: Liezel Cloete

Liezel’s brand is about making her client feel comfortable, stylish with a feel of breeze.

Her favourite part about being a fashion designer is being able to develop and tell a story in doing research, designing and then making a garment. Her personal skills include designing, garment production (that includes pattern and sewing skills), business skills and of course being creative. Keeping abreast with up and coming trends and designs are also a keen interest of hers, with social media, events and browsing through latest magazines forming part of her daily to do list.

05. Watch her Soar

Her wish is to make a great contribution in the menswear department as a buying designer. She is gradually preparing for this by currently doing her 4th year Advanced Diploma, specialising in Menswear. Also, she is currently working on launching a Menswear brand which would form part of the South African Menswear Week (SAMW) in the near future. Though, in the words of our #WCW, “for now there’s still a lot of planning to do.”

Seen V wishes Liezel all the best in her future endeavours, and looks forward to the launch of her brand in the near future. In the mean time, give our #WCW a follow and watch her soar! Facebook: Liezel Cloete; Instagram: @miss_clolie.

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