I received a cool set of grooming products from Nivea Men thanks to the team at Symbiotic Communications. The Nive Men range being as popular as it is never seems to disappoint and the sophistication in the products is rather impressive. Enjoy my take on the product experiences below.

What to expect

The range comprises a variety of products that covers face, body and hair, and caters to dry and oily skin types. The products I got to trial included the below:


NIVEAMEN Oil Control Multi-effect Facewash 100ml

The freshest scent in a face wash I’ve ever experienced, with a cooling effect at R64.99

NIVEAMEN Oil Control Multi-effect Gel moisturiser 50ml

This compliments the gel facewash, and is non greasy at R 119.99

NIVEAMEN Originals face scrub 75ml

Convenient for all skin types at R 64.99 


For face, hands and body in 30ml (R 23.99) and 75ml (R 64.99)


Body and Shower

NIVEAMEN Cool kick Body Cream 400ml

For a refreshing cool feeling after a shower at R49.99

NIVEAMEN Active Clean Shower Gel in charcoal 500ml

With the interest in charcoal based products picking up, this product is fast becoming a best seller at 49.99 or 32.99

Deo NIVEAMEN invisible black and white fresh 150ml

For that stain free feeling at R31.99 each

Innovation and Collaboration for NIVEAMEN

The Invisible black and white range from the Nivea Men range is genius and what’s even more interesting is that Nivea has teamed up with Laduma, a young designer from South Africa with his New ‘MAXOSA BY LADUMA’ range. This collaboration comes in as a perfect fit as both brands have premium appeal and have been well received globally.

The duo have managed to arrange a competition as well, where consumers stand a chance to win 1 of 250 ‘Maxosa by Laduma’ t-shirts by dialling *120*1534#. Be sure to enter so you don’t miss out!

There’s also been some innovation in the Invisible range from Nivea Men in that they’ve added a ‘mint’ fresh variant in the deo and roll-on products for that extra fresh feeling. Be sure to check these out on www.nivea.co.za 

Guys be sure to get your Nivea on and try these cool products from range readily available at your nearest retail store!

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