When Creator of Seen Vicariously, Kim, was asked whether she would like to try a skin care range which would have her skin Reborn Beautiful, she had no other response other than “yes please!”. At the time, she had not known which brand she’d be trying, but she knew that with a tagline as strong as “A beautiful skin for a lifetime”, it would have to be reputable. And indeed it was, as the product range which she would try out would be the Original Range with Vitamin A as it signature ingredient, by the well known skin care brand, Environ Skin Care.

Upon discovering which brand she would try out, the thought of being sent professional skin care goodies to the value of R 1 100, using these items exclusively for two months, and being able to share such an intimate journey with fellow ladies (and possibly men too) as concerned about their skin as she is, not only excited her but genuinely scared her too. What if the products reacted negatively to her skin? Or worse yet, what if she shared incorrect facts about the products, facts that would later be relied on by the very ladies she would hope to share some valuable insight with? Well, even though she did not have all the answers to allay her worries, the possibility of Reborn Beautiful skin for her, and other ladies alike, would make it worth the try. And so her skin care journey began!

Product Range Tested

The Original Range which has been “scientifically perfected to provide optimum, balanced doses of vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, this range keeps the skin looking healthy and radiantly beautiful”.

Compliments of

Beauty Bulletin and Environ Skin Care

Beauty Bulletin, a word-of-mouth beauty review platform, has partnered with Environ Skin Care, a world acclaimed skin care brand which has a large number of products (140 and counting) stocked across 70 countries.

The Environ Skin Care products are trusted and recommended by professionals, and cater comprehensively to skin care needs by comprising cleanses, moisturises, sunscreen products, multivitamin and other supplements, blemish reduces, masks, instruments and devices, and cosmetics such as concealer and foundation. A fun fact about the brand is that it has only been around for 25 years, and the science behind it originated on our very own South African soil. Find out more about the brand here.

Seen Vicariously is excited to be a part of this collaboration!

What this range aims to do

With Vitamin A as the cornerstone ingredient in Environ Skin Care products, along with other essential nutrients that must be replaced daily for skin to remain healthy and resilient, this range gives your skin adequate doses of vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants in order to do just that. As an entry level range, the vitamin dosage is mild enough to avoid unwanted irritation, and is best used consistently in accordance with the brand’s Vitamin Step-Up-System. Read up more on the Environ Skin Care Vitamin Step-Up-System here.

What it does

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And because there is just so much to share with you about this range and Kim’s Reborn Beautiful skin journey, we promise to keep you in the loop here on Seen Vicariously as well!

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