So recently our Creator, Kim, a sucker for Cosmo magazines and beauty products, got sent Mark. by Avon goodies from Rubybox to review. And instead of just using the products like any other normal person,  she nags us so we make it our duty to bring you a background scoop right here! Enjoy 😉

Products Tested

The following gorgeous Lipstick

Bare Impact / Puckered Pink / Rose Kisses

With names as pretty as these, who could resist?

Along with a Lasting Lilac Eyeshadow Ink And a Longwear Eyeliner to ensure that the gorgeous women who wear this brand certainly make their Mark.

What this brand aims to do

Mark. is Avon’s expertly edited beauty and fashion boutique brand that is constantly launching fresh, on-trend and customizable products. Evident from the name, Mark. encourages women to express their individuality; to make their mark in this beautiful world of ours. Mark. is available through Avon Representatives. To get into contact with your nearest representative – visit the Avon website.

Products generally under R 100.

What it does

So if you’re bold, a go-getter and busy making your mark in your day-to-day, why not let Mark. help you look good doing so! Check out this feisty short clip for some inspo!

The Lipstick

Bare Impact – Office friendly nude lipstick with colour which lasts long!

Puckered Pink – Such a daring colour that is best left for the weekend, possibly a Friday if you aren’t seeing any clients 😉

Rose Kisses – A lovely interplay of pink and red shades which will leave you feeling as if you’re on the set of a romance film.

A Word from our Creator

“The lipstick smells amazing and does not leave my lips dry. The Bare Impact is my favourite for obvious reasons (office friendly, yay!)”.

The Eye Shadow Ink and Eyeliner

If you havn’t heard of the concept of eye shadow ink before, well then you’ve come to the right place. It’s basically eye shadow in a small tub like container, so that instead of the eye shadow being flat on a surface like a palette, it is in a small jar. So the Mark has these on-trend eye shadow containers invibrant colours such as the Lasting Lilac. Application can take place as per any eye shadow – a brush, your finger, and though the contents may look firm and heavy, once applied to your eyes it’s as light as any eye shadow contained in a palette.

A Word from our Creator

“My colleagues immediately noticed when I had this eye shadow on, along with my Mark. eyeliner. The eyeliner is quite something as well, it applies easily and both products last well past lunch time (can I just say some of us take lunch time only way after 2 pm!). So certainly two quality products in this range!”.


The following key words paint a good picture of this range

Cheeky I Bold I Turns heads

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Until our next check in Seers, What’s Good?