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During this Summer , I recieved an awesome drop of the newly launched “grown-up” soda, Pura Soda. It promised to be tasty & healthy  and is the first carbonated soft drink of its kind to launch in South Africa. Enjoy my scoop on this cool & refreshing drink below 🙂

Good to Know

It’s not always easy having to choose between a tasty drink and a healthier alternative, which is why PURA Soda has come up with a mixture that gives you the best in flavour without compromising your health with high sugar contents and artificial colouring.Consisting of only five ingredients – carbonated soda water, citric acid, natural flavours, sodium benzoate, and only a dash of pure cane sugar to enhance the flavour – PURA Soda is refreshingly real.

PURA Soda also contains much less sugar than other soft drinks, juices and smoothies out there. So in perspective, a 330ml can of PURA Soda contains only 2.5 teaspoons*, while other options could contain up to 9 teaspoons in a single can! So it’s easy to see why PURA should be your  health drink of choice .

Its great that the range comes in a variety of flavours so you can literally pick and choose . These varietals go well with a dash of white spirit(gin or vodka) for those that are willing to be more adventurous.

Cranberry : for the playful , yet adventurous being

Cucumber & Lime : refreshingly cool and tasty

Seville Orange : If your looking for a bit of summer zest , this one is great

Lemon & Elderflower : perfect with that dash of gin and lemon juice

Pomegranate : a lovely tasting , bittersweet offering

The products are readily available at retailers across the nation including , SPAR, Engen ,Pick N Pay and boutique retail outlets . They have also recently been launched in a reusable 500ml bottle so get on your hands on them soon and be part of the “grown-up” soda gang.

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