Corporate Style

You can never go wrong with a high-end suit and a good leather handbag!

The Suit

Studio. W

“Studio.w is a modern, grown up wardrobe that caters for both work and play” – Brett Kaplan, former MD of Clothing and GM of Woolworths.

When purchasing corporate wear, I often turn to Woolworths, specifically their Studio. W and Edition (more on this range in a future post) ranges.

Why Studio. W?

Studio. W items are timeless and are usually available in sizes as petite as a size 4 and large as a size 20.

This suit is a size 4, and even though the length of the arms and legs had to be altered, those alterations were minor.

Their brand caters for women and men, formal and casual wear, classic and trendy items.

If style  and sophistication is what you want, then Studio. W is for you!

Price range?

Unfortunately not the most affordable of brands, although each item is certainly an investment (especially their corporate wear. I have actually not had the pleasure to delve into their casual ranges yet)!

My suit was just under R2,000, which is really not bad for a suit I will wear for at least the next 5 years!

The Bag


“For quality products that are always on trend” – Aldo Website.

With my Aldo bag collection growing, I can legitimately vouch for the quality and high-end appeal of Aldo bags.

Why Aldo?

Whether it is the office, a night out in town, or a formal affair, Aldo has bags for all occasions.

Their brand extends beyond bags to shoes, eyewear, jewellery, and much more!

If a reliable handbag brand that is not overly priced is what you want, Aldo has you covered.

Price range?

I have found Aldo bags to be of the more affordable handbag brands on the shelf!

My handbag was between R600 and R800 (apologies that I cannot remember the exact amount!).

More about this shoot

I decided to orchestrate this shoot to share with you two brands I utterly love. More significantly, I wanted to keep the look I shared with you real, so that you too may feel comfortable in a similar outfit,

Comfort is very important to me, and it pleases me to confirm that I actually dress this way to the office. How’s that for style inspiration?

Other items worth mentioning in this look:

1. Earrings: The NALEDI range by Woolworths (which I have become a huge fan of mind you. More on this range in a future post for sure!)

2. Vest blouse: H&M

3. Shades: Aldo


Make-up by Staci van Rooi (Chic Miss Demure)

Photography by Megan Damon (Megan Damon Visuals)

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Until our next style post, Seer’s What’s Good?

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