Joining the family 

We’re so amped about our recent partnership with The Gents Club which focuses on the accessibility and convenience of male grooming products. The concept and idea of this service was formulated upon overseas travel with the need for guys to have access to simple, easy and affordable products to assist with their grooming needs. Follow below for more insight into this grooming brand.

How it works ?

We received this cool drop which consisted of a refreshing SPF facial moisturiser, Shaving cream, Aftershave balm and Facial wash as well as a shaving set conveniently packaged in a recyclable box and all of this can be ordered with a simple ‘click,pay,shave’ from one’s mobile platform.

We fully support the values of this ‘local brand’ which includes educating the consumer community of the key benefits of grooming, employing local talent to stimulate the South African economy and employees and stakeholders through the use of technology and these make the brand even more epic.

Make sure to check them out on the link above and enter their social media competition by posting your ‘Mo’ progress using the hashtag #TGCtashtag !

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